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IT&E: Technical Support Apprentice

IT&E: Technical Support Apprentice


Job Summary:

The Technical Support Apprentice is responsible for providing technical assistance and guidance in equipment and service installation pricing to corporate sales staff in the preparation of sales proposals, preparation, or submission of Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or Invitations to Bid. The Technical Support Apprentice will also carry out the assigned functions of this position while concurrently attending college courses to fulfill the apprentice program requirements. This position will work under the guidance and general supervision of the Technical Support Supervisor and the assigned journey worker. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Employee will:

  1. Know and uphold established IT&E Mission, policies and procedures, Department and Division objectives, quality assurance and safety programs and standards.
  2. Assist the sales engineering support supervisor and corporate sales staff in developing the engineering specifications and network, equipment and service installation pricing for sales proposals, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Invitations to Bid. 
  3. Assist the department supervisor coordinate the development of bid and proposal submissions to ensure that the technical aspects are fully compliant with the required bid and performance specifications.
  4. Make site visits, as required to view and analyze client equipment and service installation requirements, as assigned by the department supervisor.
  5. Assist in analyzing client needs and available product options to design the most affordable system that meets the client’s needs and betters that of the competition.
  6. Assist in preparing technical write-up of system and subsystem requirements for telecommunications proposals, as required by corporate sales staff.
  7. Assist complete a proposed statement of work requirements for the Information Technology Department or outside for vendors or subcontractors, which will establish the agreed requirements for equipment and/or system performance, installation, testing, and acceptance, delivery schedule, training and documentation responsibilities.
  8. Assist complete technical compliance and responsibility timelines for all sales proposals.
  9. Assist corporate sales staff in the delivery of technical presentations and briefings to customers, explaining and clarifying all aspects of the proposed system, its performance capabilities, its compliance with requirements and its competitive cost.
  10. Monitor system and equipment installation and programming to ensure that technical capabilities and performance meet compliance standards.
  11. Provide immediate follow-on engineering assistance, e.g., engineering design or equipment ordering, on awarded contracts to initiate implementation and provide project continuity until the implementation teams are mobilized and implementation activities are fully underway.
  12. Serve as a technical resource and provide in-house technical training to corporate sales and installation and maintenance staff in telephony and circuit solutions, and user training to the customer end-user and the customer systems administrator.
  13. Assist in keeping engineering or sales records up to date.
  14. Apply knowledge and skills retained from the program courses on the job.
  15. Perform other related duties or tasks as assigned or required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements:

Education: Associate degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, electronic or related field, or a combination of completion of a technical certificate program and equivalent additional work experience.

Work Experience: Two years’ experience in the operation and maintenance of customer premise telecommunications systems.

Licensure/Certification/Professional Association: Certification by the vendor on the various systems and equipment being sold is desirable but is not required at time of hire.

Apprenticeship Program Requirements:

  • Must be a US citizen or resident alien. 
  • Must be 18 years of age or older. 
  • Must be a resident of Guam for a period not less than three (3) consecutive years before entry into the program.
  • Mayor’s Verification must be submitted upon hire.
  • Must be able to attend a minimum of two (2) classes per semester as identified by program coordinator, while working forty (40) hours per week with IT&E.

 Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of:
    1. Telecommunications standards and practices
    2. Telecommunications networking principles, practices, requirements, and regulation
    3. Materials and equipment associated with customers premise equipment and systems
  2. Skills in: 
    1. Utilizing vendor software programs related to configuring telecommunications systems
    2. Troubleshooting telecommunications or electronic and computer equipment problems
    3. Use of personal computer hardware and Microsoft software programs
  3. Ability to:
    1. Communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately with all levels of staff and customers, both verbally and in writing
    2. Make logical and sound decisions in the resolution of difficult situations
    3. Work in a team environment 
    4. Analyze and interpret work situations, reports, and results

Perform in a self-directed, hard-working, creative, and forward-thinking 

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

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