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Guam Chamber of Commerce Member Pulse Poll Summary

Guam Chamber of Commerce Member Pulse Poll Summary

Guam Chamber of Commerce Member Pulse Poll Summary

Our Guam business community staggered into 2021 after the extreme challenges that took precedence over the entire world in 2020. As we move into the 2nd quarter of 2021, we are cautiously optimistic about the return of tourism as we look forward to open borders in Guam and our source markets by the end of summer. We have seen a change in the 36th Guam Legislature, not only with new senators but in the way more business friendly measures have been proposed.

On February 24, 2021, the Guam Chamber of Commerce took a poll of its members to determine members’ feedback on legislative measures that impact how they do business in this time of recovery and revitalization. Twenty percent (20%) of the total membership responded to the survey to provide our Chamber leadership with its views on what is most important for government advocacy and Chamber services.

Overall, the Chamber members were concerned with keeping their companies afloat while the island economy recovers. The top two concerns identified by respondents as the most important for the business community were the reduction of the business privilege tax and the one-year moratorium on the minimum wage. 84% of the respondents felt that seeking a part-time legislature is important. There were high responses for government accountability and among member comments, a recuring message was for a push for full operations of the Government of Guam as well as more government efficiencies.

83% responded that the threshold for limited exemptions on the BPT for small businesses was important (Bill No. 3).

In reference to how the Chamber supported their businesses in 2020, there was resounding approval for the Chamber’s efforts to keep the business community informed throughout the pandemic. Survey respondents also were pleased with advocacy efforts for businesses to stay open, for getting employees back to work, and for the reopening of the overall economy.

** March 24, 2021 **

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